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Play Eastern Dragon Slots at William Hill

Enter any casino, whether virtual, online, or brick and mortar, and slots are almost always among the most played games in the house. And the reason is simple: it’s the easiest game known to man (or woman) to play. You don’t really need to think much. There is no strategy. Like playing a lotto game, […]

Paddy Power Mobile Games

For those of you who feel like there just isn’t enough time in a day to do whatever it is you want to do, I need to tell you about a site that I just ran across that literally allows you to do things like betting on games you’ve seen on TV. If you’re like […]

Rovio Announces Bad Piggies

Angry Birds developer Rovio has announced Bad Piggies, a mobile spin-off of Angry Birds seen from the evil pigs’ perspectives.  Nothing is known about the gameplay, other than it will be different from Angry Birds‘s slingshot mechanic.  Bad Piggies will release on September 27 for iOS, Android, and Mac. -Nick’s take:  Am I the only […]

I’d Call the Ouya Console Kickstarter Campaign a Success

The latest Kickstarter craze is for the Ouya console.  The Ouya is a small Android-powered console built around mobile phone technology that is meant to be easy to develop for.  The console will supposedly come out by March 2013.  After a month-long Kickstarter campaign that lasted almost a month and was initially seeking only $950,000, […]

Rhode Island Now Owns Kingdoms of Amalur Assets; Epic Opens New Studio in Maryland Comprised of Former Big Huge Games Members

Developer 38 Studios no longer owns the assets from its game, Kingdoms of Amalur:  Reckoning.  Bloomberg reports that the Rhode Island Economic Development Corporation and the Bank of New York Mellon Trust Company now own all the assets from the Kingdoms of Amalur universe.  Rhode Island is going to try to sell the assets it […]

Nvidia Announces GeForce GRID, a New Cloud Gaming Service

Some industry experts predict that cloud gaming is the future.  Cloud gaming is basically a type of streaming service in which all the games being streamed are hosted by a designated server location.  What this means for players–theoretically–is that any gaming device (PC, Mac, smartphone, tablet, gaming console) can stream any game regardless of hardware […]

Former Infinity Ward Creative Strategist Forms New Studio, Robotoki

Former Infinity Ward creative strategist Robert Bowling has shed some light on his new studio, Robotoki.  In an interview with Game Informer, Mr. Bowling said that Robotoki will announce its first game–which will appear on PC, mobile devices, and unspecified next-gen consoles–later this year.  He said the mobile versions “should be additive” to the PC/console […]

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