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Other Uses For A Video Game Degree

 Day 72 / 365 – Essential Digital Design Reading by anitakhart

Once you enroll in school to get a video game degree, you’ll likely find that certain areas of the industry capture your attention more than others. What you may also determine is that you want to apply the skills you learn to other fields as well. Whether you’re majoring in game design, game art and animations, game programming, or game production, there are several career paths open to you outside the gaming industry specifically. Check out some of the other fields to which you can apply the skills you learn in video game school:

Your Own Ideas – The thought of striking out on your own may seem daunting, but with an education from a video game school, a great idea, and the passion to turn your idea into a quality product can take you further than you think. If you want to design a program to help new drivers learn about safe driving or a program used to help surgeons prepare for operations, then go for it! Almost every other industry can utilize the skills of a video game designer when it comes to creating training materials, interactive ads, or other entertaining content.

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