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Online Video Game Certificate Programs

the gaming industry by Will Lion

The career field within the gaming industry is growing rapidly, which means more and more people are becoming interested pursuing video game degrees. While full degree programs focused on the many areas of the gaming industry are still developing, many schools offer video game courses or certificate programs.

Video game certificate programs typically last from 4 to 6 weeks depending on what topic it is covering. Some are offered through a campus-based program, while many are offered online and don’t require students to attend classes in person. These students instead use online lectures and other resources as well as special software to learn the material.

Full video game programs often include basic math and computer classes, as well as other general arts and business courses. Online certificate programs instead focus on one particular subject, including game art or game design. They teach students specialized graphic design, computer art, or programming skills. Anyone with no prior knowledge is welcome to enroll in video game certificate programs though. However, because of the programs’ narrow focus, individuals who already have training or have obtained a degree in a related field often complete online video game certificate programs. Because of the flexibility associated with online programs, they’re especially popular among those already working in the gaming industry that are looking to continue their education an brush up on their skills or learn about the newest technologies.

The following are some of the most common online video game courses offered to those looking to further enhance their education or those simply taking the first step to starting a career in video games:

Game Testing – This course teaches students about the process of developing a video game and how they can effectively critique the end result. Some programs may also teach valuable writing skills for students who wish to write reviews of video games.

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