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VIDEO: Top 10 Open World Games – DECONSTRUCTED Ep. 2

Join Dan and our other video game experts as they deconstruct one of our favorite countdowns, Top 10 Open World Games, and take a closer look at some of the entries on the list.

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VIDEO: Call of Duty: The Black Ops Saga in 5 Minutes

Before you play Black Ops 3, catch up on the twisting, insane stories of Black Ops and Black Ops 2.

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VIDEO: Metal Gear Solid 5 Re-Imagined as an 80s Action Movie

Rent The Phantom Pain on VHS or Betamax from your local video store today!

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VIDEO: PS4 Possible Price Drop Leak and Titanfall Sales Passes 10 million Globally – IGN Daily Fix

New Star Wars: Battlefront multiplayer modes discovered and a PS4 price drop seems more and more likely. Plus, Titanfall sells 10 million globally and remappable buttons come to Xbox One controllers.

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VIDEO: Smash Bros. Wave Four Costume DLC

New costumes featuring Star Fox, Captain Falcon, Monster Hunter and more.

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VIDEO: Nintendo Reveals Super Mario Maker Sales Numbers – IGN News

Nintendo has announced Super Mario Maker sales have passed the 1 million mark since its release on the 11th of September.

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VIDEO: The 5 Best Games From Tokyo Game Show – TGS 2015

These were the standout titles from Japan’s biggest gaming expo.

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